Εxercise and Weight Loss

Γυμναστική κατά την εγκυμοσύνηThe rapid development of technology through the industrial era has come to impose changes in our lifestyle, leading more and more to overconsumerism. Sadly, the consequence of this is the rapid increase of obesity cases but also the lack of physical activities. Current researches have shown that 9-16% of deaths are directly associated with lack of physical activity and complications coming from chronic obesity. At the same time, the Disease Control Centre of United States mentions that 45% of people have low physical activity, 30% not at allo and just 25% exercise in regular intervals. Finally, international companies of biomedical sciences warn that the epidemic rates of obesity are responsible for 60% of deaths today and this percentage is expected to increase to 73% until 2020.


While obesity rates are increasing, the beneficial effects of exercise are being emphasized. World Health Organization (WHO) says that only 30 minutes of mild exercise everyday may help significantly in prevention but also in treatment of chronic diseases associated with obesity, for example Type II Diabetes and Coronary Artery Disease. Moreover, we are informed about the positive effect of exercise in prevention of osteoporosis, colorectal cancer and breast cancer.


One of the largest clinical reasearches tok place in 27 hospitals, including 3234 cases of Type II Diabetes in total in United States. Patients were separated in 3 groups: (1) control group, (2) medical treatment group, (3) diet and physical activity changes (150 minutes per week) group. It was noticed that the patients total of 3rd group had 39% and 58% better progress compared to the other two groups. Positive results have also be noticed in human groups that while were trying to lose weight, they included in their everyday activity, exercises with resistors (weights, elastic ropes, balls). Body function as well as strength are increased, resulting in maintenance and increase of muscular tissues and in consequence, the metabolism and the diet efficiency are raised. Mild strengthen exercises have appeared to be helpful in a high grade, even for the elderly, as they improve balance kai decrease in this way the risk of a fall.


Nevertheless, all of us have told or heard of several excuses for not being able (or better, not be willing) to exercise ourselves: lack of time, tiredness, heavy worktime, family obligations and many other things that keep us away from the gym but risky close to our fridge. The truth is that our free time tends to decrease. So, walk fast, go from the stairs instead of using the elevator, housework, walk for shopping instead of taking the car are some of the small changes that can conclude to a big benefit. The ideal of course, would be an sport activity to enjoy us but also renewing our bodies.



- an excellent form of aerobic exercise that train the whole body while not hurting the joints and can also restore any possible problems to our body posture. σώματος.


- reduces body fatμειώνει, high blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular diseases while increasing the good level of cholesterol (HDL).


- one of the simplest forms of aerobic exercise, slow or fast, any time of the day.

Υoga& Pilates

– a compilation of muscular strengthening exercises. Except from an excellent and scientifically grounded beneficial kind of exercise, yoga and pilates helps you remove your routine stress.


Other examples are cycling, dancing etc. Not only exercidsing and weight loss but also, making our day!


Useful tips

  • • Avoid spending too much time at the gym when going 1-2 times a week if your program is heavy. You ‘d better go everyday for at least 30 minutes!
  • • Prefer exercising after you wake up before your breakfast. It is easier to burn the excess fat this way
  • • If you do not have time to exercise, prefer to go to work by feet!
  • • Avoid carbohydrate consumption of high glycaemic index before exercise. They reduce the fat burning!
  • • For maximizing the benefits of your exercise, you have to eat breakfast and snacks rich in proteins and low fat and carbohydrates!
  • Walk on the sand! It is regarded to be one of the best forms of exercise as the level of difficulty increases the consumption of calories, while you go for a walk during your vacations!
  • • Separate coercion from enjoying. Love the natural activity and its benefits, do not see it as something you must do but as a lifestyle!


Source: Vasileia Anagnostou, Clinical Diet Consulting
Eurodiet Med



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